Onyx Printed Stretch Fabric Lightboxes Enliven Lift Lobby in London Offices

Spanlite was commissioned to revitalise the lobby ceilings of an office building in London’s Cavendish Square using their innovative printed stretch fabric lightbox Raft panels. The installation features three seamless panels of backlit onyx fabric, transforming the previously lifeless lobby into a vibrant and dynamic space. These panels not only bring visual interest but also create an inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for visitors and employees.

The project’s use of Raft panels has successfully unified the disjointed lift lobby area without the need for creating a coffer for a standard stretch ceiling. These Raft panels provide a sleek and modern aesthetic while offering practical benefits. They serve as stand-alone ambient lighting, illuminating the lobby with a soft, even light, and are also equipped with emergency lighting facilities. This dual functionality ensures that the space remains both beautiful and safe, meeting all necessary building standards.

To minimize disruption, Spanlite’s team completed the installation outside of regular office hours, demonstrating their commitment to client convenience and satisfaction. The printed fabric panels can feature any image, allowing for customization that reflects the client’s brand and artistic vision. This flexibility in design means that the space can be tailored to the client’s unique preferences, making it a distinct and personalised environment.