Architectural LED Lighting in Toronto Creates Dramatic Entrance at TD Bank’s new offices

The installation of custom built LED lighting in Toronto has significantly enhanced the entranceway to TD Bank’s new offices at 160 Front Street.

Integral to this space is Spanlite’s stunning backlit Stratum Image Glass in TD Bank’s iconic green, illuminated by Spanlite’s Backlit Array Matrix, all housed within a modern steel framework.

This advanced lighting system not only ensures uniform light distribution but also highlights the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of the office. Working closely with the architects at Red Studio, the design was meticulously developed and brought to life, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic entrance.

An additional feature of this installation is the innovative floor panel in the square, constructed from a replaceable, scratch-coated piece of glass. This thoughtful design choice allows for easy maintenance over time, ensuring the space remains pristine and functional.

The combination of durable materials and cutting-edge LED lighting in Toronto’s TD Bank office underscores a commitment to both aesthetics and practicality, creating an environment that is both visually appealing and highly efficient.

This is the second project Spanlite have been commissioned to undertake TD Bank, the first being at their TD Bank Union Station branch.