Commercial Entrance and Canopies at Regent St. Offices, London

The commercial entrance and canopies at these exclusive offices in central London offer a clean, crisp and bright aesthetic.

In the buildings’ inner foyer, polished oak batons frame triple-glazed glass panels that have been oriented end-on to offer a unique look and surface. Each set of panels is beautifully backlit with Spanlite’s LED Light Sheet.

Our bespoke design allows easy access to the LEDS for maintenance, without the need to dismantle the extremely heavy glass and timber fascia panels.

Complimentary lighting features have been added to the inside of the elevators and across the front panels of the reception desk. Spanlite’s LED Light Bars have been employed to offer feature linear lighting throughout the reception area.

Outside, Spanlite’s external canopies offer a welcoming evening entranceway. Their clever design, using our Stratum Seal glass unit and LED Light Bars in combination, mean they are see-through during the day, avoiding shadows at the entrance and keeping uninterrupted sight lines up the side of the building.