Stretch Fabric For Ceilings & Walls

A versatile solution for seamlessly illuminating ceiling and wall areas of any shape, Spanlite’s illuminated Stretch Fabric offers a bright, clean and contemporary finish. This high performance, backlit flexible textile covers up to 50sqm in a single piece, covering large surface areas in a glowing expanse of light.


Spanlite’s Stretch Fabric is a versatile solution that can cover areas and shapes of any size, on both ceilings and walls.

Offered in a range of colours, translucency grades and finishes this versatile surface can be printed with any high resolution image, providing a truly unique feature.

Illumination is typically supplied by our LED Backlit Array panels, situated behind the stretch fabric, producing smooth, even distribution of light across the whole area. Backlit Array requires a void depth of 100mm+. If insufficient depth available, such as a cramped or non-existent ceiling void, our LED Light Sheet is a great alternative.

Our expert team of engineers will install the lighting and fabric for you. It’s a quick and clean process.

A perimeter track is first attached around the edges of the space and the lighting is installed within its boundaries, flush to your ceiling or wall surface.

The fabric is then heat-stretched across the space and locked into the perimeter track. Tightening as it cools, the fabric creates a flat, taut surface that produces a gorgeous, sleek finish.

For smaller, framed stretch fabric panels, please take a look at our Raft Stretch Fabric Ceiling Panels.

• Cover whole ceilings & walls or shaped sections.
• Available in single piece sizes up to 50sqm, with max width 5m.
• Reinforced cut-outs can be added to allow for existing ceiling fixtures.
• Optional 2nd layer of fabric mitigates the sight of dust & insect shadows.
• Optional Acoustic layer.
• Choice of colour temperatures, tuneable white or RGBW.
• Emergency lighting capabilities.
• Tracks can be applied during construction or to existing ceilings.
• Tracks are easily removable and will not damage existing surfaces.

Minimum Single Panel Size 600mm x 600mm
Maximum Single Panel Size 40sqm
Depth 0.14mm
Weight 0.17kg / sqm
Materials PVC
Available Shapes Any
Integrated Image Stretch Fabric can be printed with any design
Installation By our specialist team
Front Face Maintenance Dry / damp microfibre cloth
Lead Time 4 weeks
Pricing Guide £100/sqm, excluding lighting, varies with void depth and quantity
Operating Temperature 4 - 35 degrees C