Stratum Stone

For some projects, only the luxury of translucent, natural stone will do. When illuminated with optimal lighting, thin, natural slabs reveal glorious layers of depth, character and detail created over thousands of years.  Spanlite’s Stratum Stone encases this rich organic material in glass, giving it strength and providing an impervious layer that protects it against oils and contaminants.


Ideal for wall panels, bars, reception desks and kitchen surfaces, illuminated Stratum Stone offers a truly exquisite surface.

Spanlite partners with quarries around the world to source the finest onyxes, agates & semi-precious stones for our clients’ projects.

Through careful processing, our slabs are highly polished to just 5mm thick. This transforms them into translucent surfaces that allow light to stream through, highlighting their natural textures.

For protection, we laminate our stone slabs with glass on either side. This acts to prevent bowing and breakage of the stone, which is naturally delicate when milled to such a thin depth. The glass also acts as a shield, protecting the surface of the stone from staining and degradation.

Despite its triple layers – glass / stone / glass – this surface is only 22mm deep. And when paired with our LED Light Sheet, the overall required depth is only 34mm, allowing this feature to fit neatly into low profile areas.

  • Each unique panel is individually sourced for your project.
  • Custom made-to-measure.
  • Can be produced in a variety of flat shapes.
  • Notches and cut-outs can be included during manufacture.
  • Backlit with LED Light Sheet as standard.
  • Choice of backlighting colour temperatures to offer best match to your stone slab.
  • Choice of dynamic, tuneable white LEDs and RGBW.
  • Only the best component parts are used in our manufacturing, resulting in product longevity, durability and low maintenance costs.
Minimum Single Panel Size 300mm x 300mm
Maximum Single Panel Size Dependent on stone slab
Depth Dependent on stone slab
Weight Dependent on stone slab
Materials Real onyx, marble, agate
Available Shapes Any flat shape
Front Face Maintenance Dry / damp microfibre cloth
Lead Time Dependent on stone slab
Pricing Guide Dependent on stone slab
Operating Temperature 4 - 32 degrees C