Stratum Image Glass

Stratum Image Glass is a luxury glass surface that offers a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to design.   Made up of two pieces of toughened glass, with a high resolution digital image at its core, this composite panel allows you to display & illuminate any image your design calls for.


Perfect for creating dynamic feature walls, illuminated splash backs and stunning decorative panels, this stunning solution can be produced as a flat or curved panel, be cut to any shape up to 1.57m x 6m and contains any high-resolution artwork of your choice.

Stratum Image Glass is a multi-layered panel, comprising of two outer layers of toughened glass bonded together on either side of an encapsulated image film. At only 13.5mm deep, and typically backlit with our 12mm deep Spanlite LED Light Sheet, it offers a vibrant, evenly illuminated surface that requires minimal depth.

Our Design Studio specialises in large-format artwork and we’ve developed a library of digital images that includes unique onyx and marble imagery, as well as specialist photography by Michael Banks and Eiko Jones. Our Design Studio can retouch, colour-correct and optimise imagery to meet your intent, and designs can also be applied across multiple panels. We can also source and create original artwork for you.



Often chosen as an alternative to real exotic stone, Stratum Image Glass offers numerous benefits.  It is significantly less expensive than most exotic stones and can be produced at sizes that exceed most available slabs. It is more robust than real stone and its smooth glass face offers protection against staining, which can be a problem for absorbent stone surfaces.

Stratum Image Glass can also act as a diffusion layer. In this case, the digital film is printed as a translucent layer of uniform colour and interest is driven not from the image itself, but from the light that glows through it.

Typically Stratum Image Glass is shuffle-glazed into position, offering easy and straightforward installation for your contractors. Alternatively, we are happy to come and install it for you.

  • Available in single panel sizes up to 1.57m x 6m.
  • Choose from curved or flat glass.
  • Multiple panels can be bookmatched or presented as one continuous piece.
  • Image colour schemes and proportions can be manipulated to suit the overall design concept.
  • Toughened safety glass provides an easy to clean surface that repels stains.
  • Easy to install.
  • Pairs perfectly with our LED Light Sheet or where depth allows, our Backlit Array.

View our library of digital images suitable for Stratum Image Glass

Minimum Single Panel Size 300mm x 300mm
Maximum Single Panel Size 3200mm x 1500mm
Depth 9.5mm - 13.5 mm
Weight 23.75kg/sqm - 33.75kg/sqm
Materials Low-iron toughened glass
Available Shapes Any flat shapes
Integrated Image Yes
Installation Shuffle glazing recommended
Front Face Maintenance Dry /damp microfibre cloth
Lead Time 4 - 6 weeks
Pricing Guide £650 / sqm, varies with size & quantity
Operating Temperature 4 - 35 degrees C