LED Light Sheet

Spanlite’s LED Light Sheet is an ultra-thin, versatile and energy efficient backlighting unit. Its bright, even illumination is perfect for illuminating any translucent surface.


Spanlite’s LED Light Sheet is a very thin panel of bright light that is perfect for backlighting wall features, ceiling panels, bar fronts, counters and advertising displays.

Our LED Light Sheet provides even illumination across even the largest panels, with no striping, bright spots or shadows.

Suitable for lighting translucent stone, glass, fabric and plastic, these low-profile panels are only 12mm thick and sit discreetly behind facia surfaces.

LED Light Sheet is an all-in-one unit containing one or two rows of LEDs, an aluminium heat sink and an acrylic sheet with a unique pattern that helps guide the light evenly through the panel.

Available in either portrait or landscape, our standard design applies LEDs to the two longest edges for maximum brightness but this can be reconfigured if accessibility issues require a different solution. While not as bright as the double row option, a single row of LEDs will still evenly light any panel up to 2.7m.

Several light sheets can be installed side by side to illuminate large areas, with no visible join through the translucent surface.

Spanlite’s LED Light Sheet is UL Approved.

• Panel sizes up to 3.2m x 2.5m.
• UL Approved.
• Made-to-measure or order set sizes online.
• Available in a variety of shapes.
• Notches & cut-outs included in manufacture.
• Choice of LED colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5700K & 6000K), Tuneable White or RGBW.
• Single and double-sided options.
• Can be modified for external or wet area installations.
• Optional acrylic diffuser panel for illuminating highly transparent surfaces.
• Lightweight & easy to install, all-in-one unit, supplied with cable & driver.
• Only the best component parts are used in our manufacturing, resulting in product longevity, durability and low maintenance costs.

Minimum Single Panel Size 85mm x 50mm
Maximum Single Panel Size 3200mm x 2500mm
Depth 12mm
Weight 10kg/sqm
Power Draw 25W/linear metre
Voltage 24 VDC
Materials Acrylic, PVC, aluminium
Frame Aluminium on LED Edges (one / two)
LED Type Varies with colour
Optional Diffuser Layer Available
Standard Cable 3m
Panel Coupling Not Available
Available Shapes Any flat shape with one straight edge
Available Colour Temps 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 2700-6500, RGBW
Lumens per W Nominal 130 (varies)
CRI Value CRI >90
Front Face Maintenance Dry microfibre cloth
Driver Options 0-10, DALI, DMX, TRIAC, constant voltage (non-dimming)e
Controller Options 0-10, DALI, DMX, TRIAC, RF remote, smart phone / tablet
IP Rating IP20
LED Lifetime 50,000hrs
Warranty 2yrs return to base
Lead Time 3 weeks
Pricing Guide £500/sqm, varies with size & quantity
Operating Temperature 4 - 35 degrees C
Purchase standard-sized LED Light Sheet to direct from us today.
Made to order and dispatched worldwide within 14 days.

Each LED Light Sheet is supplied with: a 3m cable, a 3mm opal acrylic diffuser panel and applicable power supply, driver & controller.

Need custom sizes or want to discuss a project?  Contact our sales team who will be happy to help.