Edge Lit Glass

Sleek translucent partitioning, stylish dynamic glass walls and stand-out glass signage. Our bespoke solutions create iconic features that showcase the striking elegance of illuminated glass.


Spanlite’s edge-lit glass system is a truly innovative combination of LED lighting, glass treatment techniques, and intelligent framing.

A versatile solution, edge-lit glass can be produced to illuminate a whole panel with uniform lighting or to highlight artwork or text on its surface.



Our glass is either etched to reveal your design or printed with a durable, fired-in ceramic ink that is scratch and chemical resistant.

Our engineered glazing channel houses both integrated LEDs and locates the glass perfectly in place, providing a neat solution that’s easy to install.

Spanlite’s Edge Lit Glass is suitable for external applications.  Dependent on the design, we would recommend either using Edge Lit Glass with our water-tight LED Lightbar or our Stratum Seal unit.

  • Largest recommended single panel size 4m x 1.5m.
  • Our low-iron toughened glass is both safe and optimised for light transmission and colour value.
  • Ceramic inks are scratch & chemical resistant, so easy to clean with no risk of the print degrading over time.
  • Edge lit with Spanlite’s Lightbar, offering a choice of colour temperatures, tuneable white or RGBW LEDs that are fully programmable.
  • Range of cover trims are available to match design requirements.
  • Only the best component parts are used in our manufacturing, resulting in product longevity, durability and low maintenance costs.
  • Suitable options for external or wet area applications.
Minimum Single Panel Size 300mm x 300mm
Maximum Single Panel Size 4000mm x 1.5mm recommended
Depth 6mm - 20mm
Weight Dependent on depth
Materials Low-iron toughened glass
Available Shapes Any flat shapes
Integrated Image Available
Front Face Maintenance Dry / damp microfibre cloth
Lead Time 4 - 6 weeks
Pricing Guide £650 / sqm varies with size & quantity
Operating Temperature 4 - 35 degrees C