Backlit Array

Durable lighting panels with rows of high-quality LEDs, delivering even illumination to backlit surfaces. Perfect for ceiling spaces and large feature walls with an available depth of at least 100mm, this solution is quick to install and offers a highly cost effective solution.


Evenly spaced LEDs are mounted onto lightweight rigid panels providing bright, even and efficient illumination.

Suited to spaces with an available depth of 100mm or more, Backlit Array LED panels can be cut to any size and are ideal for backlighting substantial areas or unusual shapes.

At only 4mm thick, and formed of an aluminium composite panel and rows of LED lights, this direct lighting source offers very bright light that’s ideal for backlighting our Stretch Fabric ceiling surface and surfaces that exceed 3m x 2m.

• Fills any large wall or ceiling space that offers 100mm available depth.
• Perfect for backlighting stretch fabric ceilings.
• Can be manufactured to any shape.
• Notches, holes and cut outs can be included during production.
• Choice of colour temperatures, tuneable white or RGBW.
• Emergency lighting capabilities.
• Can be modified for external or wet area installations with IP65 rating.
• Lightweight, easy to install, supplied with cable & driver.
• Only the best component parts are used in our manufacturing, resulting in product longevity, durability and low maintenance costs.

Minimum Single Panel Size 200mm x 50mm
Maximum Single Panel Size 3000mm x 1500mm
Depth 4mm - 10mm
Weight 4kg/sqm
Power Draw 4.5W/linear metre as standard. 8W optional
Voltage 24 VDC
Materials Aluminium composite
Frame None
LED Type Varies with colour
Optional Diffuser Layer No
Standard Cable 3m
Panel Coupling No
Available Shapes Any shape, including curved
Available Colour Temps 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 2700-6500, RGBW
Lumens per W Nominal 130 (varies)
CRI Value CRI >90
Installation Screw fixing
Front Face Maintenance None
Driver Options 0-10, DALI, DMX, TRIAC, constant voltage (non-dimming)e
Controller Options 0-10, DALI, DMX, TRIAC, RF remote, smart phone / tablet
IP Rating IP20
Warranty 2 yrs return to base
Lead Time 4 weeks
Pricing Guide £300-£550/sqm, varies with LED pitch and quantity
Operating Temperature 4 - 35 degrees C