Project Description

Printed glass panels for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Monument, San Francisco

45 double-sided Stratum Image Glass panels, depicting text and graphics on an onyx background, to replace all the existing onyx panels on the monument.

Made to replicate the look and feel of the original panels that had deteriorated, Spanlite worked closely with the Architectural Resource Group San Francisco (ARGSF) to design suitable replacements for the 45 panels, each 2 feet by 2 feet, with different photographic images and text to the fronts and backs.

To replicate the translucency of natural onyx we reverse-printed a font and back panel separately, including a diffuse white interlayer, using a ceramic-ink flat-bed printer for colour accuracy and quality. The toughening process bonded the ceramic ink to the glass, ensuring against delamination.

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Glass panels printed by Spanlite
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Monument printed glass panels
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Monument onyx glass panels
printed glass panels for San Francisco monument
printed glass panels for San Francisco monument

Original artwork section

printed glass panels for San Francisco monument

Installed panel

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