Project Description

Charles II Street offices, London

The entrance to these exclusive offices near the Mall exudes a refined style in keeping with the local neighbourhood – due in most part to the beautifully designed foyer and reception area.

The look is created with a polished oak frame housing batons of triple-laminated glass, oriented end-on. Behind each set of glass batons is a single light-sheet, edge-lit from the top edge only. Spanlite's light-sheet technology allows the light to span down the two metre distance producing a totally even backlight to the glass. This is the only edge-lighting technology on the market able to achieve such a long – yet even – light-throw. The design means that the LEDs are accessible for any maintenance required, without the need to dismantle the extremely heavy glass and timber fascia panels.

The lighting is continued inside the lift and also across the front of the reception desk, and is finished off with a low-level LED lighting trim.

canopy lighting
canopy lighting 2
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