Project Description

Cannon Place, London

Spanlite’s illuminated feature wall in the reception at Cannon Place, a brand new 390,000 sq ft office complex, built as part of the redeveloped Cannon Street Station site in the City of London.

The 1,200 sq ft Spanlite feature wall incorporates ninety light-sheet panels, each edge-lit by two rows of Cree RGB-R LEDs. These panels provide the back-lighting for ninety 22mm-thick slabs of Decoran re-cycled glass. The Decoran was supplied by Low Impact – click here to visit their website, and here to download their brochure.


The 12,000 colour LEDs are all addressable via a DMX signal, allowing each of the 90 panels to be controlled to produce spectacular lighting features as and when needed. Furthermore the lighting sequence across the whole wall has been designed to be remotely programmable via the internet, giving the client freedom to update or change the lighting sequence with the minimum of effort. It’s even possible to create text messages that display across the wall if required – all being done from a remote office anywhere in the world.



Spanlite are recognised as one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of illuminated feature walls. We are pleased to have provided this solution for the owners of Cannon Place.

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