Stratum Stone

Back-lit stone using exotic marble and onyx, polished and laminated to low-iron toughened glass. 

‘Stratum Stone’ is a back-lit stone product made from real marble or onyx that has been highly polished, then laminated to low-iron toughened glass to form a smooth composite panel. The glass provides an impervious layer protecting the stone against oils and other contaminents that would otherwise permanently stain and discolour the stone. This makes it straightforward to specify for illuminated features when only the genuine natural finish will do.

These back-lit stone panels are suitable for backlighting with Spanlite-Sheet-LXJ, our LED light-sheet product – or via an LED array if there is sufficient depth available for the light to diffuse.

The stone panel and glass are laminated together using an epoxy interlayer. The interlayer can include a coloured filler, thereby altering the colour of the stone, especially when the panel is illuminated. This can help to enhance and complement an existing colour scheme in the environment where panels are displayed.

There are also a variety of illumination options, with LEDs producing dynamic RGBW light, or white LEDs with colour temperatures from 2,700°K to 5,500°K.

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backlit stone backlit onyx, marble
Backlit stone backlit onyx


Stratum stone back-lit stone

The single option is ideal for backlit walls that are viewed from just one side. The stone layer is protected by glass.


Stratum stone back-lit stone double

The double option provides a double-sided Stratum Stone wall solution, each side protected by a panel of glass. Both single and double options have a perfectly clean edge that is cut and polished via a water-jet after the stone and glass are laminated together.


Stratum stone back-lit stone toughened

For backlit stone worktops or applications where toughened glass is required, the glass and stone are cut to size before laminating together. In this instance it is necessary to bond the edges with 6mm wide, clear VHB (very high bond) tape.

Technical data


Laminated panels of exotic stone bonded to glass 

Stone types

See Stratum Stone product page of our website

Glass type

True low-iron, 6 - 8mm typically


Laminated, option to toughen

Edge treatment

Polished all edges


2mm epoxy interlayers


Typical 12mm single glass, 19mm double glass




Max 6000 x 3000mm with multiple stone sections on single glass panel.

Typical uses

Feature walls and displays in hotels, spas, gyms, bars, office receptions, and high-end residential applications such as bathroom and kitchen panels.

Diagram – bar front example

Stratum Stone diagram
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