Reception desk / bar front

This elegant backlit solution can easily be integrated into your existing or newly built counter, bar front, reception desk or similar furniture. The glazing channels allow for a simple shuffle-glaze installation, with a low-profile, energy-efficient LED light sheet positioned behind decorative glass, onyx or other translucent material to be illuminated. 

The double-channel is just 30mm deep, see detailed diagram on next page. 

Perhaps you already have an image to be backlit? Contact us to explore the best route to producing the image panel – and if you just have an idea, we can provide the lighting and image solution too.

• Modular backlit solution - back-light any translucent substrate - eg: Stratum Image Glass, onyx, marble, glass, polycarbonate, Glaskeramik, canvas etc.
• Ours is the leading technology for even illumination across large distances.
• Easy install, ‘lift and drop’ shuffle-glazing 
• Edge-lit panels illuminate evenly across the whole surface - no ‘striping’ effect from fluorescent tubes.
• Built in the UK using top-brand components– provides long-life LED lighting.

Diagram – reception / bar front example

reception desk diagram

Specifications / options

Typical application Reception desks, bar fronts, splashbacks
Individual panel size Max: 3000mm x 1200mm
Typical: 2400mm x 600mm
Glass Typically 9.5mm low-iron, toughened laminate containing image
Colour 2700°K / 3000°K / 4000°K / 5700°K / RGB
LED Driver Driver included, option for dimmable
Voltage 24V DC standard
Wattage 27W/m standard
IP Rating For indoor use / IP65 optional
Lifetime 50,000+ hours
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