Edge-lit glass

Spanlite’s edge-lit glass system is a truly innovative use of LED edge-lighting. By customising glazing channels to incorporate LEDs, and via large-format ceramic ink digital print technology, we can provide illuminated walls of single-panel glass with bespoke graphics, for use as partitions, doors, windows and artistic features.

We can create or adapt existing artwork to serve as an artistic illumination device that also complies with DDA requirements.

When the glass is toughened, the ceramic ink is ‘fired-in’, and becomes tougher than glass itself – scratch-proof and able to withstand cleaning chemicals. Practically indestructable.

• All-in-one edge-lit glass solution – single panel of glass, edge-lit from top and bottom horizontal edges.
• 12mm low-iron toughened glass – optimised for light transmission.
• Image is bonded to the glass during the toughening process (tempering).
• Fully controllable LED lighting.
• Full choice of LED colours including dynamic RGBA or RGBW.
• Built in the UK using top-brand components leading to reliable, long-life LED lighting. 

edge-lit glass
glass signage illuminated with LEDs

Panel specifications / options

Panel size Max: 2.8m x 3m
Typical: 1.2m x 2.4m
Glass 12mm low-iron, toughened, digitally printed with ceramic ink
Cover trim Finish to client spec, eg: brushed stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium etc.
Lighting White / dynamic white / RGB / RGBA / colour-change
LEDs Cree XPE2
LED Driver Programmable DMX constant current
Wattage 50W/linear metre typical
Lifetime 50,000+ hours

Sky's iconic edge-lit glass feature at Westfield shopping centre, London

edge-lit-glass Sky iconic

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