Reception desk / bar front

This solution is designed to be able to fit with your existing joinery and to illuminate your reception desk, bar front or chosen material precisely as desired. For example you may want to take an existing decorative glass panel and illuminate it. For this we would supply the edge-lighting panel plus any required framing and fixing devices. But if you only have a digital image or even just an idea that requires back-lighting, we can provide the lighting and image solution too.

Just build in 30mm-deep channels and we’ll supply the rest.

This option is particularly useful when adding illuminated pieces to already existing architecture, such as reception desks or bar-fronts. 

• Modular backlit solution - back-light any translucent substrate - eg: onyx, marble, image-glass, polycarbonate, Decoran, canvas etc.
• Ours is the leading technology for even illumination across large distances.
• Easy install, ‘lift and drop’ shuffle-glazing for reception desk, bar fronts or any unit
• Edge-lit panels illuminate evenly across the whole surface - no ‘striping’ effect from fluorescent tubes.
• Built in the UK using top-brand components leading to reliable, long-life LED lighting.

Diagram – reception / bar front example


Specifications / options

Typical application Reception desks, bar fronts, splashbacks
Individual panel size Max: 3000mm x 1200mm
Typical: 2400mm x 600mm
Glass Typically 9.5mm low-iron, toughened laminate containing image
Colour 2700°K / 3000°K / 4000°K / 5700°K / RGB
LED Driver Driver included, option for dimmable
Voltage 24V DC standard
Wattage 27W/m standard
IP Rating For indoor use / IP65 optional
Lifetime 50,000+ hours
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