LED light sheet technology taken to new levels

Spanlite's LED light sheet technology is designed to illuminate a variety of translucent materials such as onyx, marble, decorative glass, and graphic displays including super-slim light-boxes, making it straightforward to create super-slim back-lit feature walls. Our LED light-sheet panels can even be ceiling-mounted to illuminate stretch-ceiling installations.

The technology consists of an acrylic panel with a bespoke pattern applied to one side. When LED light is shone into the edge of the panel, it refracts when it hits the pattern, and is sent back out through the front face. The pattern is custom-calibrated for every application to create an illuminated panel of evenly spread brightness. Rollover the image below to see it in action.

Stratum Image Glass with LED light sheet

Stratum Image Glass is another unique product, that has numerous benefits over using expensive and fragile natural finishes such as onyx or marble. It consists os a toughened glass laminate containing an image. We have a library of exotic stone finishes that can be backlit, see our Stratum Image Glass page for more information.

LED light sheet diagram

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