LED Ceiling Solutions

Turn overhead spaces into exciting surfaces that draw the eye
upward and add an extra dimension to your design.

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Whether you're looking for sleek panels, robust light boxes, timeless backlit glass or seamless stretch fabric, we have an LED ceiling solution that will meet your design criteria.

Choose from our range of cleverly designed panel lights that are robust, easy to fit and have linking capabilities or opt for a stretch ceiling that offers a smooth clean surface and an uber contemporary feel.

However you fill your skyward space, our made-to-measure lighting solutions are guaranteed to offer bright, even illumination that are reliable and won't have you reaching for a ladder any time soon.

Ideal for defining areas in commercial, leisure or retail spaces, our illuminated ceilings provide practical lighting with striking elegance.

Glass, acrylic or fabric seen surfaces are discreetly illuminated with either our LED Light Sheet or Backlit Array and can sit flush to your ceiling or be suspended.

Easy to install by your contractors, our ceiling panel solutions are supplied with all the hanging & coupling devices your project requires. Our stretch ceilings are installed by Spanlite's team of skilled engineers and the process is both quick and clean.


Reinforced cut-outs can be added to allow for ceiling fixtures & existing structures such as way-finding devices, sprinklers & smoke detectors.

Available in a variety of white temperature colours, dynamic tuneable white and RGBW adding another dimension to your design.

Your products will be made-to-measure here in the UK, with only the best components that offer reliability and are guaranteed to last.

Emergency lighting can be integrated into any of our solutions, enhancing the capabilities of your ceiling.

Our technical team will supply all load and structural information you need to ensure you have everything in place ahead of time.

Typical Colour Rendering Index of 85CRI as standard, with 90CRI+ also available.