Luminous Whole
Feature Walls

Striking statement walls that present artistic features in a
bold, dynamic way.

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Go big and transform large expanses of space with an unforgettable, dynamic feature wall that boldly establishes the character and tone of your environment.

We offer some of the biggest panel sizes in the industry and our cleverly designed low profile systems mean that you can make a huge statement without encroaching on vital space.

Come to us with any design concept and our team of experienced staff will take care of everything from technical detailing through to production and installation.

Our wide range of surfaces and illumination capabilities allow your imagination to run wild when designing feature walls.

Choose from our selection of real stone slabs, design your own glass frontispiece, cover your space in swathes of coloured fabric or let us source other translucent surfaces for you.

Our dynamic lighting systems can be programmed in multiple ways offering an additional dimension to your seen surface.

Our elegant backlighting systems can be easily integrated onto existing surfaces or incorporated into new designs.


Our Stratum Image Glass allows you to encapsulate any high resolution image in glass - opening up a world of design options.

Our simple systems are straightforward to install by contractors, or hire our installation team to assist with your build.

Lighting options include white, tuneable white and RGBW adding yet another dimension to your design.

Our Stratum Stone option allows you to chose from a range of available stone slabs which we laminate for durability.

British made, high-quality parts means components are safe, reliable & long-lasting and will stand up to high traffic areas.

Tie in your wall feature with surrounding elements such as reception desks or shelving units.