Backlit Bars &
Reception Desks

Our illuminated counter solutions create striking centrepieces that offer sensational first

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Our extensive range of surface and lighting options offers a variety of design choices to ensure this key feature fits perfectly within your overall scheme.

Our elegant backlit system can be easily integrated into existing carcasses or incorporated into new designs.

Unit tops, frontage, and returns can all be illuminated and can be finished off with our range of trims and kickplates.

Units are backlit using our Spanlite LED Light Sheet, which offers even illumination and requires very little depth.

Most commonly, bars and desks are faced with our Stratum Image Glass, where a digital image is encased in safety glass or our Stratum Stone, polished stone which is laminated to glass to ensure durability.

Other options are available if your design requires an alternative translucent surface.


A simple system, that's straightforward to install by contractors or hire our installation team to assist with your build.

Our Stratum Image Glass option means you can choose any high-resolution image to encapsulate in glass - opening up a world of design options.

Lighting options include white, tuneable white and RGBW adding yet another dimension to your design.

British made, high-quality parts means components are safe, reliable & long-lasting and will stand up to high traffic areas.

Our Stratum Stone option allows you to chose from a range of available real stone slabs, laminated in glass for durability.

Tie in your counter design with matching back bars & wall panels or shelving units.