We make beautiful back-lit feature walls, illuminated glass and numerous other LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications.

MadeInBritain_shadDesigned and produced in the UK using only top-brand components, we ship all over the world.

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Updated photographic image libraries for large-format displays

We're excited to announce partnerships with abstract photo-art photographer Michael Banks, and Eiko Jones who specialises in large format photography of the natural world. Click here to see selected images from their collections, plus Spanlite's extensive high-resolution onyx and marble image libraries.

These images are designed for very large format reproduction, with sufficient high quality and inherent resolution to ensure they still look the part when enlarged to even the biggest design requirements.

Spanlite-Sheet LED light panels

The ultra-thin LED light sheet, perfect for illuminating feature panels, POS, advertising, exhibition displays, art and signage. Designed to evenly back-light graphics, photography, glass, onyx and any other translucent materials including, Spanlite's 'Stratum Image Glass'.

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One of 50 back-lit bathroom panels at the 45 Park Lane hotel, each 2m x 1.8m, consisting of a Spanlite-Sheet panel behind marble Stratum Image Glass.

Framing, signage options and special project solutions

We also offer a range of framed LED light-sheet panels using tried and tested solutions for a wide variety of applications. So whether you need a single illuminated sign or a dynamic colour-changing feature wall, Spanlite provide the complete system to help you realise your creative vision.

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