Project Description

Zig-Zag Building, London SW1

Lynch Architects approached Spanlite to create bespoke onyx images for glass 'doilies', an element on their Zig Zag building in Victoria, central London. The doily protects the façade from solar gain and glare arising from midday sun. It is made of laminated glass with a printed interlayer depicting a variety of images of onyx. The 'zig-zag' geometry of the building exaggerates the play of light and shadow across the façade, and this variety is complimented by patterns made as occupants open different parts of it on warm days. The translucent doilies register another layer of inhabitation and respond to seasonal and diurnal time. In the winter months they begin to glow towards the end of the working day.

printed glass
backlit bar front
backlit bar
backlit bar
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