Project Description

Feature wall in private gym, UK

The owner of this luxury residence specified a backlit 'Mohammed Ali' feature to cover one wall of the gym, with the assistance of contractors Green Amber. Spanlite's feature wall system provided the solution, with four panels of Lightsheet LXJ illuminating corresponding panels of Stratum Image Glass containing the image of Ali. The LED lightsheet panels and Stratum Image Glass panels simply 'lift and drop' into two horizontal glazing channels. 

One issue to manage was how to increase the size of the original image so it didn't pixelate when reproduced at the ultimate wall size. To overcome this we applied a vector half-tone effect to the resized image, turning the whole image into various-sized perfect circles. When viewed from more than a few feet away it looks like the original photo, and up close you get none of the pixelation and image degradation that would normally occur when resizing an image so much. The half-tone effect also echoes the style of newsprint, recreating how the original image would have been seen in newspapers of the day.


Mohammed Ali backlit feature wall
Mohammed Ali backlit feature wall
Mohammed Ali backlit
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